Personal Training

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Our personal trainers are all highly experienced and, when designing each bespoke programme, we draw upon our in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as years of study and in-the-trenches coaching experience.

As our client, you will be assessed initially for postural, strength and flexibility imbalances. From there we will work towards rebalancing your body, and working towards your specific goals.

We specialise in building a strong body-base. We assess and then correct issues, imbalances and weaknesses within the body. Training with us, you will achieve your goals, but never at the cost of your health. We improve bodies. We improve posture, strength, mobility, flexibility and speed. We improve body composition; reducing body fat and building lean tissue.

Whether you are an athlete looking to become injury-proof with improved sporting performance…or you want a lean, defined physique…or you dream of a pain free, mobile, functional body…we will assess you, we will improve you and we will guide you to the realisation of your goals.


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