Meet the Team

Meggie Luz

Meggie Johnson


Personal Trainer & BASI Pilates, Sports Massage Therapist

Meggie employs a combination of strength training and sports massage techniques to correct body imbalances. On the training floor, she uses Strength and Conditioning methods combined with Pilates to strengthen, whilst in the treatment room she combines Sports Massage techniques with Fascia work to release locked up soft tissue.

Meggie assesses, analyses and corrects imbalances and weakness before and during the process of working with her clients towards the achievement of their goals.

Meggie has successfully coached and treated innumerable clients with a wide variety of needs and goals; goals including the achievement of a strong, athletic physique, improvements in sporting performance, injury rehabilitation & prevention, fat loss or simply achieving a pain-free, functional, mobile body.

Having started her career as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist in London in 2005, Meggie spent the following few years working in Sports injury clinics in London and France, before her move to Cape Town. Here she studied Exercise Science with HFPA, followed by expanding her training skills as a BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor and Lynotherapy.

Meggie is a passionate trail runner and triathlete, spending her free time exploring the Cape with her husband Daniel, and Charlie dog.



Victor Southwell


BASI PIlates Instructor


Victor is passionate about helping his clients to move well. Having been drawn to Pilates more than 6 years ago, he completed his Comprehensive training with BASI, and fulfilled his dream of opening his own studio. Using the BASI block system, Victor takes his clients through a ‘whole body’ approach to Pilates, from footwork through to the ‘core’, developing mobility alongside strength, through a full range of joint movement.

Victor’s passions include running, travelling, cooking, music, singing and reading… and of course his two dogs.




Werner Osborne

Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach


Werner specialises in rehabilitation. He works alongside physiotherapists, doctors or specialists responsible for treating the injuries or other issues of his clients.

His training programme compliments and aids the treatment his clients are receiving and once rehabilitated, Werner guides them on to the achievement of healthy, balanced bodies through expertly structured post-treatment training programmes.

When working with healthy individuals, Werner’s focus and experience is in the areas of strength training, cardio, speed, balance and flexibility.
Werner says: “It has been hugely rewarding seeing so many of my clients reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication. Working with my clients from a foundation of strengthening hip and shoulder girdles, I have seen fantastic results in first the structural and postural health of my clients which in turn leads to big improvements in strength, body composition and ultimately to much improved levels of confidence in their bodies. They are then better able to enjoy everyday life with a decrease in pain and a significant improvement in body functionality.”



Christopher Devenish
Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris has 21 years experience as a Trainer. He uses combined principles of Strength training and Pilates for a whole body approach, to mobilise, stabilise and strengthen his clients.

Having gone through serious back surgery himself in 2008, Chris brings invaluable personal experience to his extensive professional knowledge.

Chris has worked closely with Orthopedic Surgeons for building client strength before surgery, as well as post operative rehabilitation. Chris lives in Fish Hoek with his wife and two children.



Michelle Winn
Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

As humans we are meant to move freely. Sometimes we get “stuck” which results in pain or even injury limiting our ability to perform everyday tasks.

Michelle’s interest and passion lies in helping restore her client to a place of pain free functioning, enabling the body to remain “un-stuck”. By drawing on her knowledge and experience of the principles of correct alignment, precise movement and strength training, she offers holistic and goal orientated instruction in a safe environment.

Michelle has 15 years experience in the industry, in Pilates and Personal Training.